CornerStreet Dance

Passion to perform!

Does your child love to dance and dreams of stepping out on that stage to perform?

Come dance with us!
CornerStreet Dance focuses not only on giving your child excellent dance technique training, but also on your little star becoming the best performer they can be!

How will your dancer's experience be unique with us?

Unique Curriculums
Our 3-4yr old classes follow the Princess Ballerinas curriculum where they will learn ballet and tap through imagery. Each month is a different theme and will include themed music, games, props, etc. At the end of each month your little dancer will receive a certificate and sticker chart building their confidence showing a job well done! Below are some examples of our monthly themes:

Mermaid Adventures
Tea Party Picnic
Winter Wonderland
Fairy Garden Adventure

Fun and Friendly Atmosphere!

Your child will create friendships that will last a lifetime! They will feel comfortable and safe expressing their creativity in our dance family atmosphere. Our recreational dancers and competitive students are all taught to be kind and supportive of their fellow dancers. Our CSDC Competition Team has represented CornerStreet Dance in this philosophy in past competitions:

Kindness Ambassador Award Winner - 2014 StarQuest Dance Competition
Studio Sportsmanship Award Winner - 2016 Talent on Parade Dance Competition
We Love to Perform!
If your child loves to perform you've come to the right place! Whether your child eats/sleeps/ breathes dance, or just likes to dance for fun, our students are offered many opportunities to step out into the spotlight! These include:

Two Yearly Dance Productions, past productions include:
          The Lion King
          How the Grinch Stole Christmas
          Snow White
          Alice in Wonderland
                                                                                                     Swan Lake
                                                                                           CSDC Dance Competition Team who compete in 3 competitions per season as well as perform in local
                                                                                           community events

                                                                                           Summer Dance Production where kids not only perform, they help with sets/props/costumes/etc.

We Encourage your Child's Growth!

Some of the things we do here at CornerStreet Dance to encourage your dancer are:

Each season, at the end of our fall semester, we hold a parent observation week where you are able to sit in class and view your child's lesson. During that week each child will receive a progress report so you stay informed on your child's progress!

For our CSDC Competition kids, we help them create a goals sheet in which they get a gold star each time they complete a goal and a reward when they have completed all goals!

                                                                                            We have a monthly reward system for all students ages 5+ that encourages growth and

                                                                                            participation in class!